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Behr Paints Introduces 2013 Color Trends Featuring Four Diverse Home Décor Themes and 20 Original Hues

Behr Paints announces 2013 Color Trends with 20 new original colors and four inspirational design styles. From bold and elegant to eclectic and worldly, Behr addresses the diverse needs of its consumers by providing an extensive range of vibrant color palettes and décor styles to serve as creative inspiration for their next do-it-yourself project.
The goal of Behr’s 2013 Color Trend palettes is to “help consumers express themselves through color,” said Erika Woelfel, Director of Color Marketing for Behr Paints.  “Whether consumers are interior design divas or redecorating rookies, these trends help channel self-expression to create home décor that realizes all of the drama, liveliness or ingenuity they envision.”
By integrating classic design elements with imaginative and innovative new styles and ideas, Behr Paints has created design trends that have a current, trendy edge, but also embody a classic style that will never go out of fashion.  Inspiration for pulling together the Behr trend palette for interior color is varied.  Firstly, post-recession optimism opens the door to adventurous styles already happening in the world of fashion.  Plus, an interest in historic design leads to a reinvention of style from the Roaring 20’s, and puts a fresh spin on traditional decor from England, France and northern Europe.  Finally, Behr finds that home is still all about creating a comfortable and reassuring sanctuary, which make colors from nature a perfect backdrop.  Water-cooled blue is one of the key color families for 2013.  Each trend theme contains one blue accent that will be pivotal in the upcoming year.
Using this inspiration, Behr Paints has identified four trends as the top styles to foster creative expression in the home:
  • Classic Caprice: a formal look with old-world charm and an added spice
  • Color Metric: a combination of cool, modern tones and geometric elements
  • Sweet Jazz: a retro and art deco theme with feminine colors
  • Après Ski: a cozy, woodsy trend complete with lived-in comfort
Each original trend is showcased with a room image that embodies the theme, and includes four distinct in-vogue colors.  The Behr 2013 Color Trend card, an accompanying brochure available at The Home Depot stores nationwide, includes detailed décor themes plus design and decorating tips to help consumers visualize each space.  An in-depth look at each of the four trend themes:
Classic Caprice – Pay homage to traditional design elements while incorporating a fun, modern twist with Classic Caprice.  A new take on elegance, this trend creates an appealing contrast of old and new by adding spice to formal rooms with sizzling magenta walls or painting black borders to frame the wall and showcase the architectural details. Traditional antique accents and sleek furnishings amplify this contrast, creating a space that is ornate, yet still warm and welcoming.
Corresponding BEHR Colors include:
Daah-ling T13-1
Empire Porcelain T13-2
Black Lacquer T13-3
Golden Age T13-4
Belladonna T13-5
Color Metric – Inspired by the popular color blocking fashion trend, Color Metric uses geometry to create unique graphic appeal.  By adding a “punch” of color to cool and neutral tones, this trend adds depth, balance and soft complexity to modern spaces.  Neutral gray walls create a background and vibrant blue cabinets take center stage.  Dark plum creates depth, while a light cognac brown balances with soft complexity.  The result is a visually stunning and vibrant look.
Corresponding BEHR Colors include:
Twilight T13-6
Tan-gent T13-7
Matrix T13-8
Electrify T13-9
Plum Orbit T13-10
Sweet Jazz – The retro themed Sweet Jazz is a nod to the days of art deco living. Feminine colors and streamlined motifs capture all the fun and flirtation of the 1920s.  Pastel jade and light pink add just the right amount of nostalgia, while dark navy trim adds a note of staccato.  Polished chrome fixtures, oriental rugs and exotic flower patterns accent this theme, transporting homeowners back to the days of flapper dresses and speakeasies.
Corresponding BEHR Colors include:
Bee’s Knees T13-11
Jazzy Jade T13-12
Flapper Dance T13-13
Heavy Sugar T13-14
Shanghai Peach T13-15
Après Ski – Warm, muted tones add comfort and hominess to this woodsy oasis. Après Ski’s lived-in look provides the perfect barrier from a cold, snowy night that can be enjoyed all-year round.  Forest green showcases natural wood and rustic materials.  Kitschy red, teal and lime keep the mood light and upbeat.  Must-have décor elements include cozy seating, plush pillows and low lighting.  Eclectic accent pieces create a cozy environment and a seemingly effortless doesn’t-quite-go-together appearance. 
Corresponding BEHR Colors include:
Pine Cone Pass T13-16
Timber Town T13-17
Ski Patrol T13-18
Gnome Green T13-19
Folk Song T13-20
Behr Paints 2013 Color Trends are currently available at The Home Depot stores nationwide.  To further the visual experience, consumers can follow a QR code found on the back of the Trend Card brochure or go online to watch a video that brings the themes to life.  More information can also be found at
What’s more, ColorSmart by BEHR® Mobile application, available as a free download for iPhone, iPad and Android compatible devices, helps users find the perfect BEHR Color at the touch of a finger.  For updates, fans can find Behr on Facebook at and on Twitter at  Plus, visit Behr’s blog for insights on all things color.

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