Future-Proofing Product Innovation

Creating paint products is both an art and a science. To continue product innovation in this specialized category—specifically spray paints (or aerosols)—Research & Development (R&D) team members needed a dedicated space for operating raw materials, testing, filling and more.

The latest 500-square-foot, state-of-the-art aerosol laboratory is located near our headquarters in Santa Ana, California. With new equipment to enhance the functionality of the laboratory, the existing Applications laboratory space was renovated to accommodate aerosol paint production.

Not only will the laboratory provide a dedicated space to continue the current product category offering, but it will also allow the product development to expand. “We can make solvent-based aerosols like we have today or any other kind we hope to provide in the future, including water-based aerosols,” says Thomas Renner, Senior Scientist at Behr.

The laboratory, which is currently used as needed, includes enough space for team members to work efficiently and safely throughout their processes. “Right now, we’re discovering the best workflow for teams to execute. If it is making the paint, we have an area where equipment doesn’t move, and we have the filling area for the aerosols in the hood,” says Thomas. “But all the other operations we do from testing, sampling and looking at panels, we’re still figuring out the workflow.”

While the new laboratory is a safe, convenient and effective working environment for team members, it also establishes the company as a strong competitor in the category and provides an opportunity for growth. Looking to the future, the team will be focused on finding pathways to improve product performance and enhance the consumer experience using spray paint.

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