Q&A: Eva Looks to Women Role Models in The Industry

Eva Vega, Fulfillment Center Supervisor has worked in the paint industry for more than a decade and has . While reflecting on her time being part of the Behr team, Eva expresses how she has been influenced and inspired the women role models within the industry and on her own team.

Tell us your story about how you joined Behr.

"I noticed a gap in my professional growth, and I wanted more opportunities to learn."

After working in the industry for over 12 years, I noticed a gap in my professional growth, and I wanted more opportunities to learn. I had a conversation with a Behr team member, Bobby Lozano, who shared about the progress Behr had made in the professional market and how it was more diverse than my previous employer. He let me know where a local sales team was hiring and encouraged me to apply. And in March of 2019, I joined Behr as a Hub Representative.

Who has/had been your mentor? What has been the most valuable lesson they have taught you?

While working at our Southern California distribution center, my manager, Bryan Lerille, has been a mentor to me. He has taken the time to guide me through working in a large facility; coach me through new and complex situations in my career; support me in finding my place within the organization; and sign me up for courses that helped me grow and strengthen my leadership skills.    During busy seasons, Bryan helped remind me of the value of work-life balance, and I learned how to leave work in its environment, which improved the quality of my own work and the quality of my personal life.

Who has influenced you in your career?

I’ve been influenced by all women in the paint industry.  In my 12 years prior to joining Behr, I saw very few women climb the ladder or even get considered for leadership positions. It was not until I became part of the Behr team that I saw women leading and excelling in many departments across the company.

For the first time in my career, I felt like advancement for me was real and attainable. There are so many women at Behr I look up to, and seeing coworkers advance within the company is exciting. I am grateful for the ways women on the team support each other, and that we are valued here. We have the support to advance into all areas and the highest ranks of the company. I’m so proud to work for an organization that upholds diversity in their company standards.

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